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Barclays Celebrates the Success of Entrepreneurs Across Our Communities

Barclays Citizenship

Banks play a key role in connecting the providers and users of capital. Barclays recognizes this role in serving society, and our success as a business has always been inextricably linked to the progress of the people, communities and businesses that we serve. As society’s expectations of businesses continue to evolve, we aim to stay ahead of those expectations. It’s by focusing on our core products and services, and our relationships that we can make the greatest positive impact. We’ll continue to identify new opportunities to integrate these considerations into the work we do every day to help customers and clients, colleagues and society to rise.

Barclays Local Community Partners

Launcher program

Launcher, a small business training program, created in partnership with West End Neighborhood House and Barclays, uses a nationally replicated entrepreneur curriculum developed by National Development Council (NDC) who has over 20 years of successful implementation. This program helps revitalize a local neighborhood by supporting low and moderate income individuals to launch or scale businesses through training, technical coaching and access to loans/credit. Our partnership has resulted in nearly 200 entrepreneurs launching or expanding nearly 80 businesses, creating 180 new jobs. We have engaged nearly 100 Barclays’ colleagues to support this program.

Arrowhead Business Group Youth Entrepreneurship Program

A partnership with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health (JHCAIH), the Arrowhead Business Group (ABG) Youth Entrepreneurship Program aims to increase financial stability, improve education outcomes and reduce mental health issues through entrepreneurship. Recognizing that physical health and financial health are inextricably linked, this partnership leverages the expertise of both companies – with Barclays’ colleagues helping to develop the curriculum and serving as mentors. JHCAIH is poised to package and disseminate the ABG program to tribes and other disadvantaged communities that could benefit across the country.

Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union

Stepping Stones is a credit union based in Wilmington, DE, which works to deliver safe and reliable access to money, credit, and other financial services without the high cost associated with typical check cashing services. Stepping Stones operates like a small business by providing loans to members of our local community and booking interest earned as income. In 2016, Barclays colleagues helped Stepping Stones develop a marketing strategy that would boost their membership. As part of this, Barclays designed an innovative concept called “Bank in a Box”, a van fitted with a teller window and equipment that allows Stepping Stones to open accounts and issue ATM cards to new members on the spot. In its first year, the marketing effort was able to increase membership in the Credit Union significantly, therefore providing a much needed service from a local small business to more members of our communities in Wilmington.

Unreasonable Impact

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative multi-year partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group to launch the world’s first international network of accelerators focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will help employ thousands worldwide while solving some of our most pressing societal challenges. Unreasonable Impact consists of three intensive two-week programs held annually in three distinct regions: the Americas, UK & Europe, and Asia Pacific. Currently supporting 90+ ventures, the Unreasonable Impact portfolio is reaching over 100 million customers and supporting more than 20,000 jobs.

CP Furniture

As part of the Challenge Program, a not-for-profit organization focused on vocational training for at-risk youth, CP Furniture is teaching construction skills to these youths and creating premium furniture that is ultimately sold to homeowners and businesses in the community and beyond. With support from Barclays, participants in the CP Furniture training program acquire valuable skills necessary to become employable.