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Complaint Policy

Barclays is committed to offering quality products and services. We want to make it simpler for our cardmembers to report instances of dissatisfaction. Barclays uphold principles that aim to:

  • Ensure that all customers are treated fairly and ethically, and that issues are addressed promptly.
  • Embed complaints principles and complaint standards across our organization.
  • Ensure that team uses sound judgment, in combination with the standards set by Barclays, to reach suitable, consistent and timely decisions.
  • Inform cardmembers about complaint status and resolution.
  • Make certain that all colleagues are certified on our complaints policy and principles.

Barclays strives to make it easy for your voice to be heard. If you’d like to submit a complaint, you can contact us with one of these methods:

U.S. Mail

Card Services
P.O. Box 8801
Wilmington, DE 19899-8801



ADA/Accessibility Services

Please contact us using relay services (dial 711)

Existing cardmembers may also submit a complaint by accessing their online account and using the options provided in the Message Center.

When you contact us, we’ll gather relevant information such as your name and address, contact information, and a description of your concerns. Barclays colleagues will use this information to fulfill our commitment to providing an efficient and fair resolution. Barclays ensures that each complaint is reviewed on individual merit and that all facts are reviewed to form a cohesive picture of the concerns raised. Barclays aims for swift resolution of complaints; however, some instances may require additional research, and the length of the investigation may be extended. Once we reach a resolution, Barclays colleagues will provide you with an explanation of remediation and any resulting actions.

We value your feedback. Please help us to get it right every time - for every cardmember.