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Online registration

  • How do I register for online Credit Card account servicing?

    Click the Set up online account link on the homepage. You'll be prompted to confirm your identity and choose your username and password. After that, you'll be able to log in to the website and service your account. You'll use the same username and password to log in to the website and the Barclays US App. 


    If you're a new customer, you'll need your 16-digit account number to create a login.

  • What if I forget the password for my Credit Card servicing website?

    In the Barclays US App, select Forgot username or password at the login screen. If you’re already logged in, tap the Profile icon at the bottom and then select Password.


    You can also reset your password on the website by clicking the Forgot username or password? link in the sign in section on the homepage. You'll be prompted to verify your identity.

  • How do I get the Barclays US App?

    You can download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. You can also search for "Barclays US mobile app" in either place or text MOBILE to 60956.


  • What can I do with the Barclays US App?

    Managing your account online and from anywhere is easy. Here are just a few things you can do with the Barclays US App:

    o   Check your balance

    o   Make payments

    o   View purchases and transactions

    o   Manage your alerts

    o   Check your FICO® Score

    o   Lock and unlock your card

    o   Add and remove authorized users, and manage their transaction limits and categories

    o   Replace a lost, stolen, or damaged card

    o   Report fraudulent transactions

    o   Review and redeem your rewards

    o   Chat with a representative

    o   Add, view, print, download and email statements

  • How do I change the Account Alerts I receive?

    To update your Account Alert preferences in the Barclays US App, select an account and tap the hamburger menu. Then scroll down, select Manage alerts (or tap the Profile icon at the bottom and select Manage alerts) and choose the alert you want to add or edit.  


    You can also update your Alert preferences online. Select Alerts from the Services menu. On this page, select Edit in the Alerts section to sign up for alerts, change your alert settings or cancel alerts you no longer wish to receive.

  • Can authorized users other than the primary Cardmember access the servicing website?

    Yes, authorized users can access the servicing website with approval from the primary Cardmember.  However, you'll need to access the account using the primary cardholder's security information. As an authorized user, you cannot register for mobile or web access.

  • I want to use a third-party app/financial aggregator to access my account data, but they are not able to access my account – What should I do?

    To protect our customers' data, we no longer allow certain browsers access to our site. In addition, we require a one-time passcode when our customers log in from an unknown device or IP address.


    Some third-party apps and financial aggregators have not been able to accommodate these security modifications, and their access has been blocked. 


    You can always download your statement data from your account and import it to a third-party app, including:

    o   Excel® Versions 2003 and above

    o   Quicken® Versions 10 and above

    o   Quickbooks® Versions 10 and above